This area is specifically curated to support your learning journey in data science using R and Python programming. Here, we have compiled a comprehensive set of learning materials, datasets and tools designed to enhance your understanding and skills.


Name Description Author
pointer Switch the cursor to a ‘pointer’ style element. quarto-ext
attribution Display attribution text along the right edge of slides. quarto-ext
auto-agenda Automatically creates agenda slides from H1 heading titles. andrie
roughnotation Uses the Rough Notation library to add animated annotations to presentations. EmilHvitfeldt
appearance An animation extension that animates elements sequentially like in Powerpoint. Perfect for online portfolios or other presentations with images. martino
simplemenu A simple extension for a menubar or a header or footer with an auto-generated menu. martino
verticator A plugin that adds indicators to show the amount of slides in a vertical stack. martino
confetti Add some fun and send confetti into your presentation. ArthurData
codefocus A plugin that lets you step through fragments and code higlights at the same time. Reuning
reveal-header Filter that provides options to add a header text and header logo in top-left corner of the RevealJs slides. Shafayet Khan Shafee
style-speaker-note Filter that allows to style the Speaker Notes of the RevealJs slides from a CSS file. Shafayet Khan Shafee
spotlight A Quarto extension for Reveal.js allowing to highlight the current mouse position with a spotlight. Mickaël CANOUIL
code-fullscreen Filter that adds a fullscreen button in the code blocks in Revealjs slides and html documents. Shafayet Khan Shafee
animate Create animations from svg files, and integrate them to fragments François-David Collin
storybook-revealjs Medieval inspired format for Revealjs Mickaël CANOUIL
coeos-revealjs Dark grey / white based format for Revealjs Mickaël CANOUIL
rladies-revealjs R-Ladies format for Revealjs beatrizmilz
onyxia-revealjs Onyxia format for Revealjs InseeFrLab
blackboard-revealjs Blackboard like format for Revealjs schochastics
nes-revealjs NES.css format for Revealjs EmilHvitfeldt
rlille-revealjs R Lille (R User Group) format for Revealjs Mickaël CANOUIL
metropolis-revealjs Beamer Metropolis like format for Revealjs. Shafayet Khan Shafee
illinois-revealjs University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign inspired theme for the reveal.js format based on Metropolis. James Joseph Balamuta
clean-revealjs A minimal and elegant theme for reveal.js, inspired by modern Beamer templates. Grant McDermott
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