This area is specifically curated to support your learning journey in data science using R and Python programming. Here, we have compiled a comprehensive set of learning materials, datasets and tools designed to enhance your understanding and skills.


Name Description Author
sketchy-html Sketchy HTML document using Rough Notation schochastics
letter-pdf PDF format for creating letters. Mickaël CANOUIL
hikmah-pdf Opinionated PDF format with support to biblatex-chicago and more. andrewheiss
titlepage-pdf PDF format with custom title page or book cover. nmfs-opensci
inrae INRAE formats for HTML, PDF, Docx, Revealjs, and Beamer davidcarayon
bookup HTML format providing light and dark themes and suitable for documents, books and websites juba
fancy-doc A PDF format that brings LaTeX’s fancyhdr package into Quarto for miscellaneous documents. DamonCharlesRoberts
invoice-typst Quarto Typst template extension to make invoices. Mickaël CANOUIL
PrettyPDF Quarto extension to generate a PDF with (pretty) LaTeX styling. Nicola Rennie
storybook-revealjs Medieval inspired format for Revealjs Mickaël CANOUIL
coeos-revealjs Dark grey / white based format for Revealjs Mickaël CANOUIL
rladies-revealjs R-Ladies format for Revealjs beatrizmilz
onyxia-revealjs Onyxia format for Revealjs InseeFrLab
blackboard-revealjs Blackboard like format for Revealjs schochastics
nes-revealjs NES.css format for Revealjs EmilHvitfeldt
rlille-revealjs R Lille (R User Group) format for Revealjs Mickaël CANOUIL
metropolis-revealjs Beamer Metropolis like format for Revealjs. Shafayet Khan Shafee
illinois-revealjs University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign inspired theme for the reveal.js format based on Metropolis. James Joseph Balamuta
clean-revealjs A minimal and elegant theme for reveal.js, inspired by modern Beamer templates. Grant McDermott
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