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  1. This chapter explains the basics of the intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC), which can be used to measure the agreement between multiple raters rating in ordinal or continuous scales. We also show how to compute and interpret the ICC values using the R software.
  2. This article describes how to combine multiple ggplots into a figure. You will learn how to use: 1) ggplot2 facet functions for creating multiple panel figures that share the same axes; 2) ggarrange() functiong [ggpubr package] for combining independent ggplots.
  3. GGPlot ECDF

    ECDF (or Empirical cumulative distribution function) provides an alternative visualization of distribution. It reports for any given number the percent of individuals that are below that threshold. This article describes how to create an ECDF in R using the function stat_ecdf() in ggplot2 package.
  4. GGPLOT QQ Plot

    A Quantile-quantile plot (or QQPlot) is used to check whether a given data follows normal distribution. The data is assumed to be normally distributed when the points approximately follow the 45-degree reference (diagonal) line. This article describes how to create a qqplot in R using the ggplot2 package.