Awesome List Of 657 R Color Names

Awesome List Of 657 R Color Names

This article shows the list of R color names. There are 657 built-in color names available in R. The function colors() returns the color names, which R knows about.

# Show the first 20 colors
r_color <- colors()
head(r_color, 20)
##  [1] "white"         "aliceblue"     "antiquewhite"  "antiquewhite1"
##  [5] "antiquewhite2" "antiquewhite3" "antiquewhite4" "aquamarine"   
##  [9] "aquamarine1"   "aquamarine2"   "aquamarine3"   "aquamarine4"  
## [13] "azure"         "azure1"        "azure2"        "azure3"       
## [17] "azure4"        "beige"         "bisque"        "bisque1"

These color names can be used in graphics functions using the option col = (in R base plots) or color = in ggplot2 functions.

List of colors in R

The following images illustrate the different colors:

R Color Names 1

R Color Names 2

R Color Names 3

R Color Names 4

R Color Names 5

R Color Names 6

R Color Names 7


This article presents the list of R color names.

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