Comparing Means in R

Comparing Means in R online

Comparing Means in R



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About The Program

This course provides a solid step-by-step practical guide to statistical inference for comparing groups means using the R software. It is designed to get you doing the statistical tests in R as quick as possible. This course focuses on implementation and understanding of the methods, without having to struggle through pages of mathematical proofs.

You will be guided through the steps of summarizing and visualizing the data, checking the assumptions and performing statistical tests in R, interpreting and reporting the results.

Some examples of graphics with p-values, described in this course, are shown below.

Related Book

Practical Statistics in R II - Comparing Groups: Numerical Variables

Version: Français

Required R Packages

  • : data manipulation and visualization
  • : creating easily publication ready plots
  • : provides easy statistical analyses solutions
  • : contains required data sets


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